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Customer stories

These people have chosen to trust Katherine Prince for the sale of their property.
They managed to sell under the best conditions and are now enjoying their new life to the full

Mr. and Mrs. Hébert, long-standing customers

Having worked for more than 30 years in the world of finance with Canada's largest bank and held several positions to finally become Vice-President, I have had the privilege of meeting many talented people.

About ten years ago, my wife and I met Katherine Prince for the sale of our condo in Brossard because at that time our life project was to acquire a residence in the Eastern Townships. We had a very good connection with her and our transaction went very well, we were fully satisfied.

A few months ago, we called on Katherine's talents again to find us a pretty house on the South Shore. After 10 years in the countryside we wanted to get closer to our grandchildren who are growing up too fast. At the time of our seventh property purchase we were and still are demanding people who appreciate quality at a fair price. Consequently, Ms. Prince had a difficult mandate to fulfill in the context of the market. A very active market and a sellers market.

We chose a property on the South Shore and the seller was not represented by an agent. Our decision was instantaneous. TO KEEP Katherine with us to represent us. A wise decision since the seller had a strong sense of belonging and it was difficult for him to properly assess the context of this sale with the problems raised during the pre-purchase inspection. Katherine knew how to handle the situation with the owner and without her this transaction would never have happened.

We can confirm that Katherine is an exceptional person, she has an excellent knowledge of the market. A very attentive person, she presents things clearly, expresses herself clearly and ensures that people understand. She is an objective coach who oversees the realization of her clients' projects until the moment possession is taken.

She is very diplomatic and capable of easing tensions and guiding exchanges. She is readily available, for example during our research Katherine had long organized a trip outside the country. In her absence, a colleague from her team was referred to us and Katherine at a distance always followed each event during this period either by e-mail and/or phone call. With unwavering loyalty, she always negotiates in our best interest. Honesty and integrity, two qualities that we consider essential to build a healthy relationship based on trust.

To conclude this testimonial, anyone who has the pleasure of meeting and dealing with Mrs. Prince will be a better and richer person for it. Katherine Prince makes the real estate world shine with a very professional image.

Ps: On two occasions we referred Katherine to close relatives who were delighted with her services.

Mr. and Mrs. Bourgeois, looking for peace of mind

Until very recently, we have always owned our homes. We really enjoyed maintaining them ourselves! But there came a day when all this became a source of stress. Also, given the age of our property, we knew that renovations would sooner or later be necessary. That's why we decided to sell our house and transition to a retirement apartment.

Organized and independent by nature, it was important for us to plan this project without disturbing our children in their own family activities. We also wanted to make this transition while we were in great shape! So, within a few months we had set everything in motion to sell our house. Thanks to the expertise and efficiency of our broker Katherine Prince, we sold our property within 24 hours! This was an important advantage for us because we didn't want to wait for months and months before selling our house.

We have been living in our new apartment for more than a year and we have no regrets! The multitude of activities available at our residence is amazing and our lives are more fulfilled than ever!

Mrs. Bowman, a quick move

Given my husband's poor health and his difficulty getting up and down the stairs, in the fall of 2017 we had to make the decision to sell our property and move into a retirement home. Looking back, I realize that it would have been easier to plan this transition earlier in our lives, when my husband was in full possession of his faculties. When one of the spouses is ill, it is difficult to take charge of such a project. Step by step we prepared ourselves. We met with our financial advisor, visited the residences and then put our condominium up for sale.

Since we had a busy schedule of medical and other appointments, we did not hesitate to mandate our real estate broker Katherine Prince to represent us for the sale of our condominium. Her collaboration has been extremely valuable. In addition to skillfully negotiating the conditions of the sale of our condo, she made sure that the dates scheduled for the notary, the move and the taking possession of the new apartment were in line. Katherine was also very reassuring about the concerns we had about this upcoming transaction.

Today, although my husband has passed away and I miss him, I am happy to be in residence. I feel safe, I like my home, I have made new friends and I make great outings that keep me healthy and active!

Mr. and Mrs. Leblanc, on the way to a new beginning

After many years of caring for our children and family, we decided that it was time to take care of ourselves. The sale of our house became the turning point towards a new beginning! We wanted to free ourselves from all these obligations associated with our home (maintenance, renovations and other expenses). We didn't want to leave anything to chance, so we hired a real estate professional. We chose Katherine Prince because she had been referred to us by friends who were satisfied with her work. We were also satisfied! Throughout the sales process, she guided us with great foresight. She advised us on the things to do before, during and after the sale. Before the launch, Katherine suggested ways to enhance our property to appeal to different clients, including Asians. Following her recommendations, we carried out some repairs, sold and donated superfluous items. Katherine then implemented a highly effective marketing strategy. It allowed us to quickly have several visits and to obtain simultaneous promises to purchase above the asking price! In order to guarantee a happy transaction without unpleasant surprises, Katherine has also provided us with a lot of information on the documents to be provided for the notary and the costs to be considered.

Being able to count on an ally like Katherine to sell our house has allowed us to focus fully on our relocation and on other projects!

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